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Bernard Manning comperes and fellow stand-up veteran Colin Crompton is ‘Mr. Chairman’ at The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club – the friendliest working men’s club in the North! Cut from the same cloth as The Comedians, this Seventies ratings hit captures the quickfire comedy, musical variety and convivial atmosphere of a typical Clubland concert night, showcasing rising stars, contemporary acts, local talent and world-renowned performers. Entertaining a typically appreciative audience in this final series (billed as At the Wheeltappers in TV Times) are Paul Daniels, Cannon and Ball, George Melly, The New Vaudeville Band and The Dubliners, with Lancastrian folk-pop from Fivepenny Piece, comedian/singer-songwriter Bob Williamson, and the Rochdale Cowboy himself, Mike Harding. SPECIAL FEATURES: Though ten episodes were filmed for this series only eight were shown on television. The ninth - an edition with controversial hypnotist Martin St. James - is included here, as is the tenth - Terry Webster and Dictionary - which is presented here as an unedited recording block.

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