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Wise Publications Film Scores For Solo Piano
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Film Scores For Solo Piano is a wonderful collection of those most cinematic pieces of music from film and television, all arranged so that solo pianists can bring these climactic and inspirational scores to their own living room. The accompanying download card also provides exclusive online access to new audio tracks of all the works. Featuring some of the finest soundtracks to the best films and television shows, written by some of the most accomplished living composers, Film Scores For Solo Piano is an undoubtedly essential addition to the music stand of any music or film fan. Featuring classics like Adagio For Strings, that have been used in a vast number of films, to more definitive scores like Philip Glass´s brilliant Koyaanisqatsi, which are such key parts of the films they accompany that the two have become inseparable. Other important works included in this collection are Einaudi´s excellent Una Mattina, from ´Intouchables´, Nico Muhly´s wonderfully fitting The Egg - Cycling Holiday from ´The Reader´ and Jeff Beal´s inimitable theme from the Netflix series ´House of Cards´. Featuring 32 different pieces of Film Score sheet music, fans of the incomparable effect of a score on film and television will finally be able to play their favourite pieces, as well as discover new ones to play. Many of the world´s greatest composers have been commissioned to create music that tells as much of a story as the imagery on screen, and with this collection of film score sheet music, you´ll be playing works by Max Richter, Hauschka, Dustin O´Halloran, Alberto Iglesias and Philip Glass, among many others. A unique download card is also included which features demonstration tracks of every single Film Score in the book, some of which (Koyaanisqatsi and House of Cards) are world-first recordings for Piano! This allows you to hear exactly how each piece should sound, independent of the films and television shows that they were composed for, before giving them a go yourself. At Musicroom HQ, we caught up with House of Cards composer Jeff Beal, where he explained to us his compositional process for the score, and how each theme relates to the characters. Be sure to check it out below and get inspired by one of the best TV themes in recent years:Some brilliant films are included on this list, critically acclaimed not least because of their excellent soundtracks. If you recently watched ´The Theory of Everything´ and you desperately wanted to learn Jóhann Jóhannsson´s Cambridge, 1963, here you can. Or, if you´ve always wanted to learn George Fenton´s magnificently distinctive scores for Planet Earth and Frozen Planet, with Film Scores For Solo Piano, you can bring the sound of wide vistas and emotive drama to your own home.Adagio For Strings [Barber, Samuel] Andante/Reflection (from Waltz With Bashir) [Richter, Max] Cambridge, 1963 (from The Theory Of Everything) [Jóhannsson, Jóhann] Dead Things (from The Hours) [Glass, Philip] Departure (from Die Fremde) [Richter, Max] Down Over Lake Victoria (from The Last King Of Scotland) [Heffes, Alex] Farewell Theme (from Between Strangers) [Preisner Zbigniew] Funeral (from The Constant Gardener) [Iglesias, Alberto] Her Gentle Spirit (from The Merchant Of Venice) [Pook, Jocelyn] Koyaanisqatsi [Glass, Philip] Love Theme (from Elizabeth: The Golden Age) [Armstrong, Craig] On The Nature Of Daylight (from Shutter Island) [Richter, Max] Opening Titles - The North Pole (from Frozen Planet) [Fenton, George] Opus 17 (from Marie Antoinette) [O´Halloran, Dustin] Opus 22 (from Transparent) [O´Halloran, Dustin] Opus 37 (from Like Crazy) [O´Halloran, Dustin] Pavane (from The Incredible Mrs Ritchie) [Hawes, Patrick] Piano Pier (from Shame) [Escott, Harry] Prelude (from Planet Earth) [Fenton, George] Primavera [Einaudi, Ludovico] Silencium (from Silent Witness) [Harle, John] The Bridge (from Rory O´Shea Was Here - aka Inside I´m Dancing) [Julyan, David] The Egg - Cycling Holiday (from The Reader) [Muhly, Nico] Theme (from Farewell, Herr Schwartz) [Hauschka] Theme (from Gluck) [Hauschka] Theme (from House Of Cards) [Beal, Jeff] Theme (from The League Of Gentlemen) [Talbot, Joby] Thursgood (from Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) [Iglesias, Alberto] Una Mattina (from Intouchables) [Einaudi, Ludovico] Up & Down (from The Face Of An Angel) [Escott, Harry] Will And Amira (from Breaking And Entering) [Yared, Gabriel] Yumeji´s Theme (from In The Mood For Love) [Umebayashi, Shigeru]

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