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The HVE-9005 HDMI Extender kit over Cat.5 with HDBaseT-Lite & Bi-directional IR boosts your video/audio transmission up to a distance of 60m (198ft) in HDTV 1080p with 48-bit color depth. HVE-9005 also supports the most advanced 3D video format compliant with HDMI specifications and therefore guarantees the highest 3D video compatibility on the market. A cost-effective solution requiring only one Cat.5/5e/6 cable, allowing users to easily extend an HDTV installation from a DVD or Blu-ray Disc player, PS3, PC, or any other sources compliant with TMDS. The HVE-9005 sends a perfect quality signal to remote display monitors including HDMI or DVI-enabled TV sets or LCD PC monitors. The advanced design and latest HDMI technology of HVE-9005 supports deep color video, DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD audio as well as HDCP. This flexibility makes HDCP-compliant DVD or PS3 players transmit the highest quality video and audio for a greater distance when integrating several separate components, all at a minimal cost. In addition, HVE-9005 is equipped with a bi-directional IR pass-through path, allowing users to boost IR control distance up to 60m (198 ft) and making IR control, including HDMI signals, possible through a single Cat.5/5e/6 cable. The HVE-9005 includes two units: a transmitting unit (HVE-9005-TX) and receiving unit (HVE-9005-RX). The transmitting unit is used to capture the input HDMI / DVI signals with IR control packets and carry the signals via one Cat.5/5e/6 cable. The receiving unit is responsible for equalizing the transmitted HDMI signal and reconstructing IR signals. HVE-9005 offers the most convenient solution for digital signage installations with a long distance A/V transmission path, and with 10G transmission-width readiness, HVE-9005 is primed for your next-generation HDMI applications! > Technische Beschreibung - Support HDMI Deep Color & full 3D & 4K2K@30 (HDBaseT-Lite technology) - Extend the transmission up to 60m (198ft) from the HDMI source at Full HD 1080p 48-bit and 40m (130ft) at 4K2K@30 - HDCP & EDID Bypass, CEC support, Auto equalization - Pure unaltered uncompressed 7.1ch digital HDMI over Cat.5/5e/6 cable transmission - DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD high bit rate audio support - Support full frequency IR signal from 20KHz to 60KHz - Bi-directional IR pass-through - Wall mounting housing design for easy and robust installation > Lieferumfang - Power Adapter x 2 - IR Receiver - IR Blaster - User Manual

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